Release of the SeasFire Cube

The SeasFire team released a global dataset for seasonal fire modeling in the Earth System.

Sneak peek of input variables included in the datacube. Source: MOD13C1. ECMWF/ERA5. MPI-BGI DataVis Team.

The SeasFire Cube is a global Analysis Ready Datacube designed to be used for climate prediction tasks such as modeling the burned areas of seasonal wildfires in Europe using geometric deep learning. We expect it to be useful for data analysis and tasks such as trends in seasonal fires, annual emissions and time series of each of the climatological variables. The datacube covers a large range of variables, many of which are atmospheric, and can also be used for global environmental modelling from 2001 to 2021 for tasks such as sea surface temperature forecasting, and carbon emissions forecasting from wildfires.

Cite our work: Alonso, Lazaro, Gans, Fabian, Karasante, Ilektra, Ahuja, Akanksha, Prapas, Ioannis, Kondylatos, Spyros, Papoutsis, Ioannis, Panagiotou, Eleanna, Mihail, Dimitrios, Cremer, Felix, Weber, Ulrich, & Carvalhais, Nuno. (2022). SeasFire Cube: A Global Dataset for Seasonal Fire Modeling in the Earth System (0.0.1) [Dataset]. Zenodo.

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