Release of the SeasFire Cube v0.2

A new version of the SeasFire datacube has been released and is available on Zenodo!

Previous variables are updated, new variables have been added, as well as several masks. The Python notebooks have also been updated to match the new version.

The SeasFire Cube is a scientific datacube for seasonal fire forecasting around the globe. Apart from seasonal fire forecasting, which is the aim of the SeasFire project, the datacube can be used for several other tasks. For example, it can be used to model teleconnections and memory effects in the earth system. Additionally, it can be used to model emissions from wildfires and the evolution of wildfire regimes.

It contains 21 years of data (2001-2021) in an 8-days time resolution and 0.25 degrees grid resolution. It has a diverse range of seasonal fire drivers. It expands from atmospheric and climatological ones to vegetation variables, socioeconomic and the target variables related to wildfires such as burned areas, fire radiative power, and wildfire-related CO2 emissions.

Access the datacube through Zenodo:

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