Meet the Pi School data science team of the SeasFire challenge!

Johanna Strebl and Giovanni Paolini with the guidance of Cristiano De Nobili – Lead AI Scientist at Pi School – are experimenting with the SeasFire cube in the context of Pi School’s AI for Good call for challenges, to further investigate explainability (xAI) of the SeasFire developed models of seasonal global fire forecasting.

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Cristiano De Nobili holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics at SISSA. Currently is the Lead AI Scientist at Pi School, mainly working on Deep Learning applied to environmental challenges. He is a Deep Learning lecturer at the Master in High-performance Computing (ICTP/SISSA, Trieste). Last September, he took part in a scientific collaboration at the SIOS Remote Sensing Center in Svalbard to teach AI techniques to Arctic scientists. He is highly interested in Quantum Technologies, especially in the Climate Tech sector. He just launched a newsletter on AI and Emergent Technologies: Turning bits into dreams

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Johanna Strebl is currently working on her Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Munich, focusing on machine learning and quantum computing. Her main research interest is in using modern technologies to tackle modern problems such as climate change. After researching hate speech, her most recent focus is now on Earth observation and remote sensing, especially forest fire prediction and modeling with AI.

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Giovanni Paolini is an aerospace engineer currently in his 3rd year of PhD in the field of remote sensing for agriculture and hydrology. He is currently involved in different projects on the classification of irrigated areas and estimation of water used for agricultural purposes in semi-arid regions, using very high resolution satellite data and some state-of-the-art ML algorithms. He joined the wildfire challenge at Pi School to boost his knowledge on large deep learning models and he is very eager to contribute to the pressing challenge of wildfire prevention.

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